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Name: Rainn
Breed: Thoroughbred
Birth Year: 1998 
Gender: Gelding 
Color: Dapple Gray


Rainn, a thoroughbred gelding, was seized by the local Sheriff’s department and transported
to the Circle P Sanctuary, on June 5th, 2013. Rainn has a tattoo on the inside of his upper lip which typically signifies he was used for racing. However, when we tracked the number, he had no official starts on record. He was purchased at a garage sale by a couple that had no idea how to take care of these types of animals and ultimately instead of asking for help, they left him to sit in dry lot starving even though there was pasture available on the property. He was extremely emaciated and given a body condition score of 1.5 by The Ohio State University's equine veterinary team (9 being extremely obese and 1 being completely emaciated). He was thoroughly covered in a skin fungus and had lost most of his hair. You must be very cautious when beginning to re-feed a starved horse, too much food too fast could kill them. His diet started out with only a quarter flake of hay every couple of hours. It takes several weeks and then months to build up to a diet that includes free choice hay and pasture. On October 9th, 2013, after four months of nutritional rehabilitation, Rainn was healthy once more and moved over to our Equine Center to begin work to condition his now full figured body. He gets to roam free in green pastures with many horsey siblings and live his life stress free and at ease. He no longer has to worry about when or where his next meal is coming from and human hands now offer a comforting pat. Rainn can walk, trot and canter under saddle, HOWEVER he is a very forward horse and will need a rider/owner with some experience! He is currently turned out with only other geldings. He does fine with mares, sometimes a little too fine :-) Through the gentle hands of many volunteers and friends of the Circle P Sanctuary, this once abused and forgotten buddy has learned to love and trust again. It is amazing how these creatures can endure so much and still forgive and offer us unconditional love.










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