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Organizational Goals for the Circle P Sanctuary

1. Provide safe, clean, and comfortable temporary to permanent shelter for unwanted, lost, abandoned, stray or abused/neglected horses/animals, and to place horses/animals for adoption with caring individuals and families.

2. Educate the community on the importance of spaying/neutering/controlling unwanted breeding of all animals as it relates to overpopulation and animal health, and on other issues relating to the humane treatment for all animals.

3. Work with humane societies and other animal shelters toward furthering the common goal of humane treatment for all animals and to own responsibly.

4. Establish Intern opportunities for individuals interested in entering the veterinary / animal care industry.

5. To heighten awareness and understanding of the connection between cruelty to animals; child abuse and interpersonal violence.

6. To connect with children and foster a passion for horses/animals and how to care for them properly.

7. Provide an opportunity for the community to participate and volunteer to directly benefit the well being not only of the horses/animals living at the Circle P Sanctuary, but potential horses/animals in need.










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