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Breed: Unknown 
Birth Year: 2005? 
Gender: Mare 
Color: Bay with a Star



Koty came to us, along with another horse named Honey, from a case through the local humane society. She was given the body score of 2.5 by The Ohio State University's equine team (9 being extremely obese and 1 being completely emaciated). She was covered in a skin fungus and mud. Since her recovery, Koty has enjoyed being out with the herd. Although she was a bit skittish at first, she has become more friendly and trusting towards humans already. Although still nervous around people at times, a gentle hand and patience are the perfect way to gain her trust. We do not believe that Koty had ever been under saddle. Koty has had many handlers in her time with us and has been started under saddle several times but will need a consistent training program and at this time is not considered safe for riding! Koty is available for adoption!

















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