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Memorial Page

Celebrating the life of the animals
you have loved!

Johnnie- (Lifelong Sanctuary Resident) Breed- Appaloosa Color- Black / White Birth Year- 1996

Arrival Date- 10/30/05

What I am about to type does not come easy. EVER. As many of you know, Johnnie, a long time permanent resident at the Receiving Center, is an EPM survivor! He was in bad shape when we took him in, treated the EPM, and he has been able to live an amazing life since then. Unfortunately, the disease never really goes away, even in remission. His body still deals daily with the lasting effects of the muscle and mobility loss. He has managed relatively pain free up until recently. It is now a constant struggle for him to lay down and get up. When he walks his hind leg on is bad side locks and pops with each and every step, adding additional strain on his "good" back leg. Johnnie, being the stubborn and determined Appy that he is, still insists on a good roll or two or three a day and still wants to be his pushy, bossy self in the pecking order. He just isn't able to physically complete either of those tasks. As the mud mounds up, it is even harder for him to navigate and the slippery ice/snow, that will prove to be the most dangerous, is just around the corner. The decision to humanely let him go on 12/04/15, with dignity and in a calm and not urgent or emergent situation did not come easily. It has been mulled over and evaluated since spring. He is missed by all but free from pain now.

Name: Peanut

Breed: Pony/unknown

Birth Year: unknown

Gender: Gelding

Color: chestnut

Peanut came to us from a terrible situation he unfortunately was born into. It is suspected he really truly never knew a loving /caring hand prior to coming to the Circle P. He was a smart, funny, curiously rotten pony and we will miss his antics greatly!"


Peanut's History - Peanut was surrendered to us in December of 2011. He was seen by The Ohio State equine team and has been doing great. He was gelded in February 2012 and was in a foster home until June 2012 before he was moved over to the Sanctuary.

Paco- Lifelong Resident - Educational Program

Breed- Pygmy Goat

Color- Carmel/ White / Black

Birth Year- 2002?

Arrival Date- 09/2005


Paco was the only male goat (wether) at the barn. He got along with all of the girls, and could share space with any of them. Paco did not have horns, but would still butt heads with the others in play as well as to push them off. Paco had a very wide body/belly and was sometimes mistaken for a pregnant doe! Paco, you will be missed!

Name: Wally

Breed: Belgian

Birth Year: Approx 1985

Gender: Male -Gelding

Color: Chestnut with blaze and flaxen mane and tail. 

Wally was saved from his worst nightmare ever - the auction block. He was one of over 20 horses shoved into a small holding pen at Sugarcreek Auction. He was only known by the number pasted to his hind quarters. Wally was a gentle fellow with a big heart and did well with children. Wally did great under saddle and was the favorite horse to ride amongst the volunteers of the Circle P Sanctuary. Wally was adopted in January of 2011 and spent a few great years with a loving family as their favorite trail horse. Due to a change in their financial situation, the family had to make the tough but responsible decision to return Wally to the Circle P Sanctuary in November 2013. Wally lived out the rest of his live with us at the Circle P and he will be missed greatly by all.



It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of this sweet girl, Hannah. She literally wandered into our lives 3 years ago when she was found as a stray and brought to the Circle P that same day. It appereard she had been on the run for some time since she was extremely emaciated and in desperate need of some TLC. She was blind in one eye and a bit arthritic but that did not stop her from settling right in and running around the pastures while making friends with the other horses/pigs/goats/llamas. She had become accustomed to several delicious meals a day and weekly massages. Recently, her pain increased and no longer seemed safely manageable by medications. We made the humane decision to euthanize her today, in her home pasture, surrounded by some of the people and animals that loved her dearly instead of facing another harsh winter. She will be missed greatly but never forgotten. RIP, Sweet Hannah.


Breed - Pony

Color - Sorrel

Birth Year - approximately 1991

Gender - mare

Arrival Date - 05/16/09


April 22nd, 2013, we brought Katie down to see the equine team at OSU for a chest x-ray. During the exam, Katie suffered from a major seizure and was not able to recover. We had to make the extremely tough decision to let her go. She will be forever loved and missed daily! Katie spent the majority of her life as a contest pony in 4-H programs. Unfortunately being a pony in 4-H, her handlers quickly out grew her. Her career was extended through a lease family but, once again, the riders out grew her. Katie became the forgotten pony. She was returned to her original family in such poor condition, euthanasia seemed likely. Upon the discovery that her teeth were in such bad condition, a dental technician stepped in and initiated her rehabilitation. It became apparent; Katie needed more comprehensive care so she was brought to the Circle P Sanctuary. Here Katie was meal fed multiple times through out the day/night, including unlimited pasture and hay. Unfortunately, Katie had lost all of her molars and could not eat hay or grass. Her meals were increased to as much as we could get her to eat throughout a 24 hour period. She required around the clock care for the rest of her life. 


~Forever in our Hearts! 2007-2012~


Frisky passed away on August 20th, 2012 from an apparent colic. She had just moved to her wonderful new home the Wednesday prior. Our hearts are breaking not only for the loss of this beautiful mare, but for her new family and pasture mates as well. They truly were meant to be together. UPDATE: After Frisky's Michigan family consulted their vet, her cause of death has been changed from colic to an aneurysm. Though we are all still in shock over her death, we take comfort in knowing she did not suffer!


Tori has passed on after spending the final two years of her life here with us at the Circle P Sanctuary. During the two years she was with us, we did everything possible to bring her back to perfect health. Sadly, her brave journey has come to an end but we are grateful that we were able to give her a wonderful life for the final two years of her hard life.


Breed: Percheron

Birth Year: approx 1993

Gender: Male -Gelding

Color: Gray w/no markings


UPDATE: The Circle P Sanctuary has suffered a tremendous loss. With a heavy heart, I must report our beloved Captain has passed away. He did attend the Columbus Pet Expo and attracted many, many new friends to the Sanctuary. After Captain's adventure, he returned to his pasture mates Sunday night. 


Sally was adopted through the BLM the same day Jennie was. We brought them home together. Sally is mischievous!! She is very curious and seems to love adventure. Since Sally is our escape artist, we do a head count everyday. Sally loves to play in the creek, and is well known to wander UNDER the fence lines. She is also known to push through/opens gates and climbs them as well. She will try to climb into the muck bucket cart or wagon. You can not trust her with anything. She will destroy things (but in a playful way!!). Having said all of that, we don't fault Sally for her spirit, she is simply a Mustang! As part of their American History studies, the First and Fifth Graders of St. Brendan's Catholic School in Hilliard, OH raised $584.64 to donate towards Sally's care. The children were unable to make the field trip to the Sanctuary, so Sally traveled to school to meet the children May of 2008.

Priscilla- Lifelong Resident -Educational Program

Breed- Pygmy Goat

Color- Gray / White belly stripe

Birth Year- 2002

Arrival Date- 09/2005


Notes: Priscilla came to the Circle P with her baby (Petunia) after she weaned Petunia's twin sister. Priscilla is the dominant female of the group. She will often chase all of the others away, and ram the gates with her horns. She is friendly to humans, and does enjoy being groomed (other than nail trims).

Name: Rainn
Breed: Thoroughbred
Birth Year: 1998 
Gender: Gelding 
Color: Dapple Gray


Rainn, a thoroughbred gelding, was seized by the local Sheriff’s department and transported
to the Circle P Sanctuary, on June 5th, 2013. Rainn has a tattoo on the inside of his upper lip which typically signifies he was used for racing. However, when we tracked the number, he had no official starts on record. He was purchased at a garage sale by a couple that had no idea how to take care of these types of animals and ultimately instead of asking for help, they left him to sit in dry lot starving even though there was pasture available on the property. He was extremely emaciated and given a body condition score of 1.5 by The Ohio State University's equine veterinary team (9 being extremely obese and 1 being completely emaciated). He was thoroughly covered in a skin fungus and had lost most of his hair. You must be very cautious when beginning to re-feed a starved horse, too much food too fast could kill them. His diet started out with only a quarter flake of hay every couple of hours. It takes several weeks and then months to build up to a diet that includes free choice hay and pasture. On October 9th, 2013, after four months of nutritional rehabilitation, Rainn was healthy once more and moved over to our Equine Center to begin work to condition his now full figured body. He gets to roam free in green pastures with many horsey siblings and live his life stress free and at ease. He no longer has to worry about when or where his next meal is coming from and human hands now offer a comforting pat. Rainn can walk, trot and canter under saddle, HOWEVER he is a very forward horse and will need a rider/owner with some experience! He is currently turned out with only other geldings. He does fine with mares, sometimes a little too fine :-) Through the gentle hands of many volunteers and friends of the Circle P Sanctuary, this once abused and forgotten buddy has learned to love and trust again. It is amazing how these creatures can endure so much and still forgive and offer us unconditional love.





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