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Rocky, born in 1997, is the oldest of the three and is the dominant llama. He will move the others about as he sees fit. When Rocky arrived, he had an injury to one of his front feet. This injury abscessed and it was necessary for Rocky to travel to OSU Veterinary Hospital. He stayed just over a week while they tried to repair the damage Rocky had been living with for some time. He came home with a cast on his foot/leg so that his bones would fuse together in hopes that it would save Rocky from having his foot amputated. Apparently, Rocky had sustained a puncture would that had become infected through several joints. Rocky has recovered well, but has had a few bone spurs as a result of his original injury, and has been back to the hospital several times since then. Rocky still runs happily through the pasture, he just has a little extra hop in his step!

Llama Dama Ding Dong!

Rocky, Cousco and Niles all came to the Circle P together in 2005. These guys all have such individual personalities and are so much fun to watch running about out in the pastures with all the other animals at the sanctuary. 


Cousco, born in 2000, was the youngest of the three llamas that came to the Circle P. He had not been castrated yet, and he had a tendency to fight. We had Cousco gelded so that his temperament would relax some. Cousco is the watch guard of the group. He will sound the alarm if he sees something that concerns him. He is quite curious and will run from where ever he may be to investigate new arrivals. He has a very expressive face that reminds me of the news commentator "Andy Rooney".



Niles, born 1998, is the typical "middle child". Of the three llamas, he will wait more in the background to see what is about to happen. He is curious and brave, but not very aggressive. He will come up to greet you and take treats, but will let the others take over when they arrive. 










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