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Breed- Pygmy Goat
Color- Black / White 
Birth Year- 2003?
Arrival Date- 09/2005

Patches is the sweetest of the goats. She got her name because when she first arrived at the Circle P she was missing huge patches of her hair, most likely from being bullied by the other goats. Once here, they had enough space to roam and her hair eventually grew back. 

Patches & Petunia


In September of 2005, the Circle P took in 4 goats (along with several other animals) from a family that found themselves overwhelmed and unable to care for the managerie they had aquired. To date, Patches and Petunia are the last remaing goats here on our property. 


Breed- Pygmy Goat
Color- Multi color
Birth Year- 2005
Arrival Date- 09/2005


Petunia arrived with her mother (Priscilla, since passed away) in September, 2005. She was only eight weeks old. Priscilla was a good mother to her, but was also very protective of her. Petunia is most timid of all the goats. She will tolerate some grooming, but mostly will run away. She has her horns because we chose not to have them burned off. Petunia gets along pretty well with the other goats, although she will follow in her mother's footsteps in chasing them off at times.

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