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Gale came to the sanctuary as a humane case in august 2015 weighing only 595# with a body condition scoring of 1 (9 being the highest and 4.5 being the ideal). After recovering with us for 3 months the humane society transferred her to our program with the hopes that she would continue to recover and one day be adopted through our sanctuary adoption process.

Gale today
Today Gale is at a healthy weight and a good body condition score and has gained a lot of confidence. She enjoys running around the pasture fields with the other horses and is a beautiful mover! Gale still has a ways to go before she is completely recovered but she is getting stronger every day.


Gale tomorrow
As gale continues to recover and starts to regulate herself with forage this winter our plan is to have her healthy and ready to start working with her at the equine center in the spring. She will have an assessment to see if she has had any previous training both on groundwork and in the saddle and our trainers will come up with a plan for training her. Once we see how much she knows and can handle we will get a better idea of what she will be capable of in the future.











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